Maintenance Tips for Flat Roofs in Arizona

  1. Re-coat your roof about every 4 years to ensure the roof underneath the elastomeric coating remains in good shape
  2. Prep and clean the roof before applying the elastomeric coating
  3. The roof must be solid, without cracks and cleaned before a coating is applied
  4. Check pipes, vents and the metal flashing for any flaws that should be repaired prior to the roof coating being applied
  5. The Cleaning process should involve removing any dirt and grease from the roof
  6. Sweeping and power washing the surface is is critical to ensure the coating can adhere to the roof
  7. After cleaning the roof be sure to wait until the roof is completely dry before applying the coating
  8. Plan on applying two coats, unless the area has been re-coated in the last few years
  9. Repair any cracks of the rolled - built-up - roofing, and allow the repairs to cure
  10. Be generous when applying the coating
  11. Allow the coating to dry for several hours before applying a second coat if needed
  12. Minimum temperature before applying the roof coating should be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit